One of our loyal blog readers asked recently us about cellulite (Thanks, Sherry!).  An estimated 90% of women have cellulite somewhere on their bodies (keep reading to find out why women and not men).  Let's look first at what is cellulite, exactly.

Everyone has fat right under their skin.  No matter how skinny or fat one is, there will be some subcutaneous fat in between the skin and muscle (for some of us, this layer is larger than for others!).  Dispersed throughout this fat are fibers which anchor the skin to the muscle. In women, these fibers are neatly  arranged in vertical patterns. However, this neatness creates pathways through which  the fat herniates upward creating the dimply appearance we all know and love.

In men, in contrast, these fibers are arranged in a much less organized fashion- the fibers go randomly in all directions.  Consequently, the fat is blocked and does not bulge out under the skin. Hence - no cellulite.

Unfortunately, medicine is still waiting for its miracle cellulite reduction techniques.  Most treatments that are available are temporary solutions, not cures: the cellulite will return as soon as treatment is stopped.  

More on cellulite treatments later.