I do not usually talk about products in this blog but two of my smartest colleagues who also happen to be very good friends have just launched new products for skin care and the treatment of headaches.  

Dr. David  Vasily an internationally renown dermatologist and laser surgeon who practices in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, has spent 9 years developing a new skin care product for the treatment of aging skin, DermaChromatic(TM).  The unique, active ingredient, phytochromatic(TM), which is derived from plants, is a patent-pending topical which is combined with antioxidants, vitamines, retinol, and a peptide. DermaChromatic (TM), according to Dr. Vasily, evens skin tone, reduces fine lines, decrease the appearance of pores and targets blotchiness and age spots.  Unfortunately, DermaChromatic(TM) is currently only available in Dr. Vasily's office but it soon should be dispensed in limited number of plastic surgery and aesthetic dermatology offices around the country. 

Dr. Alexander Mauskop who is the director of the New York Headache Center in Manhattan is a renown neurologist and pain physician who specializes in the treatment of patients with headaches and migraines.  He has developed, Migralex, a new over-the-counter product ( http://migralex.com) which is apparently a unique combination of aspirin and magnesium.  According to Dr. Mauskop, low magnesium levels are an important contributing factor to the development of headaches.  Dr. Mauskop apparently has put the ingredients together in a unique way that makes Migralex effective.  According to Dr. Mauskop, Migralex works in many ways to reduce headaches.  These include relieving pain, reducing inflammation, inhibiting the clumping together of platelets, and relaxing blood vessels.

As a disclaimer, I have no financial interest in either product and I do see my patients in Pennsylvania in Dr. Vasily's office.  Furthermore, I hope to be able to offer DermaChromatic to my patients as soon as it is more widely available.