The Harmonic Scalpel is one of the most exciting recent developments in not only plastic surgery, but surgery in general.  The Harmonic Scalpel uses ultrasonic energy to cut tissue while simultaneously sealing blood vessels.  This results is less blood loss peri-operatively, and a dramatic reduction in bruising and swelling post-operatively which drastically reduces healing and recovery time.  In my practice I have been using the Harmonic Scalpel in all my facelift cases. It has in fact, become my new standard of care because I feel that the difference in recovery time is so substantial that it would be wrong not to offer this option to my patients. Using traditional surgical technique, patients typically require at least three weeks for the bruising and swelling to subside, but by using the Harmonic Scalpel, patients can return to work within days.  One patient reported going out to lunch the day after her facelift!  

This patient was so happy with her facelift that she sent us pictures of herself less than 24 hours after her procedure. Her results are amazing - there is virtually no bruising. In over 25years of practice, no patient has volunteered her photos like this!


This is very exciting technology and I am considering using it in other procedures such as upper and lower eyelid surgeries as well.